The Most Knitterly Time of the Year


The end of the semester is actually looking attainable these days, and as such the load of work is also starting to pick up. Not a bad thing, as that heralds the middle of senior year! Doubly exciting and terrifying all in one package.

We have had no snow here yet, though with the chill in the air I can tell that it’s beginning to sit on my mind. I’m still thinking about biking through it, though naturally I need to switch back to my ridged tire. On the one hand, I’m excited for snow–I love how it looks, and it makes the cold bearable (for me)–and on the other I just know I’m going to be freezing.

Of course, the cold is the best because it heralds the best time for knitting warm things. If we’re friends on ravelry, you might have noticed a slew of WIPs being cast on in the last few days as I get Super Serious about the Christmas/Yule knitting.

Here’s a peek at the back panel of my mother’s gift–

–which has turned out quite lovely. I’m still making my way through the rest, and really need to just sit down and devote some time. The front shouldn’t be taking so long!

I also cast on the perfect project with the perfect yarn for Mroo’s gift–

–and sepia’d it like crazy so that nothing is actually really visible.

Not holiday related are a pair of mitts I’m also making for Mroo:

–and she picked out all the colours. I think they’re marvelous, and am really enjoying working on them. The pattern is Snowflake Fingerless Gloves from the Cailyn Meyer. Free pattern, and it’s got crazy amounts of detail and stuff in it anyway. I’ve got the yarn for a second pair for the boyfriend, in all warm oranges and reds. I may look at making a set in green and yellows for me, as they really are that nice.

I’ve lately acquired the nifty pattern keeper from KnitPicks:

and as soon as I finish the hordes of Christmas knitting, it will be invaluable in the continuation of the (not-forgot) Phoenix Cardigan. (I miss working on that 😦 )

I’ve also been introduced to La Mie, a French bakery here in Des Moines. It’s delicious! They have fantastic food as well as baked delights. Their danishes are to die for.

Especially the cheese ones. I love cheese danish though, so I might be biased. I picked up a giant loaf of bread and some walnut cinnamon raisin bread to eat up too.

Stay warm!


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