Glacial–The irreplaceable colour


It must have been a year ago that KnitPicks decided to discontinue “Glacial” on their sock yarn. I met the news with a great deal of sadness. It’s one of my favourite shades of mint green that I’ve ever encountered, and in fact is one of my favourite yarn colours. At the time, I didn’t have the money to buy up the rest of their stock–or even a few more balls–and so I decided the two balls I had would be used for my first pair of socks for me, and no one else.

Since then I have searched near and far for another yarn with that hue. I recently acquired some SWTC Jezebel that is closest I’ve come–but it’s not quite blue enough. Oh, it has pale green down.

But it needs more blue.

It’s a familiar encounter for me. I see a yarn, convinced it’s that shade, or I give another try at dyeing it. I take it home, compare it to the bit I have left. Too green, too dark, too blue, not green enough, not blue enough. I try not to regret using what I had for socks that will one day wear through. They are rather comfy socks, and I love seeing that colour against my skin–how pale I am only emphasizes that particular shade of what, to me, is the perfect mint.

If you happen to know a yarn that is That Shade of Mint, or even just think it might be, let me know. Until then, I think I’ll save the two balls I found on Ravelry.


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