A Capital Entry


The loan money is finally on the way.

Which means that I can, at least this month, relax a bit and spend a little bit. So I did.

I went to Knitted Together, hoping against hope they would be a Yarn Store*. Guess what? They are! I got shown around to all the different worsted weights they had on hand–all super pretty. Despite liking the Berocco vintage, I was quite happy to find they did, indeed, have the twelfth ball in Montmarte (cascade 220 superwash) that I wanted. It’s the perfect colour for my mother’s gift.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, I made a Big Girl Yarn Purchase. I didn’t even feel guilty about spending so much on yarn, because, here’s the thing: It’s not for me. It’s a gift. And I believe in giving generously, giving the best I can afford, with the nicest of things. (And really, if anyone deserves those things, it’s my mother) And, oh man. This Cascade 220 superwash is heavenly. It’s smooth and buttery like silk, gentler on the hands than some merino yarns, a beautiful colour with strands of light within it. Oh, and superwash.

Here, have two swatches. It’s a little darker in the picture because it’s still just a touch damp, but look at that lovely stitch definition. I hit gauge the first try (and felt like a Knitting Goddess), so it’s not even stretched. It’s lightly pinned to straighten the edges a bit.

Last week, you may have heard, I also purchased some Knit One Crochet Too Crock-O-Dye in Tomato. That was pure comfort purchase. I’m contemplating some knee socks with it, though I’ll likely only make socks with one skein and make them big enough to actually, you know, use the whole skein. I’m thinking of using my very ice blue and making the Selbudeath (pdf link, but NOT ravelry) socks. Pretty bright and cheerful for death socks, right?

Here’s a slightly better picture than what I tweeted:

Which really, I have to say, I adore Knitted Together. The first time I went was a little uncomfortable–they weren’t busy, and the lady working seemed a bit leery of me. The second time, was just before they closed. The owner was so fabulous, not making me feel rushed at all despite not knowing what I wanted (and made her sale, good for her!). And so I went there for the sweater yarn, because they have so many colours and so much nice yarn, with the hope the owner would be there (because she’s fab nice).

Instead, I got a different worker, but she was fab nice too! She showed me around, pointed out what shelves exactly had worsted weight, told me traits of each, mentioned the shop had just gotten the Berroco, so didn’t have too much experience with it, and then–here’s the real treat–she left me alone to look at my leisure. Exactly what I want after I’ve been shown–no hovering, no making me feel like a thief, none of that. I think, ladies and gentlemen, I have found My Local Yarn Store. I’ve never had one before. I’m so excited!

Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t go to any others. Yarn stores are lovely. When I have the money, I love going on the field trips with the knitting group. It’s just, right now, Knitted Together has won me with kindness, enough yarn for a sweater, letting me shop in the last five before closing, and knowing how to let me look at leisure.

Enough gushing. Here’s a few more things:

1. The second of my ice wine mittens, this one with a steek for the thumb:

2. A dye test to find the right blue for Josh’s kid’s hoodie. Which is most definitely sea green and not blue. Ops. Dyed on some three ply Shetland I spun. Lovely colour, and I’m sure I’d use it on something else. But not blue:


*Yarn Stores carry enough yarn in one colour to make a sweater. yarn stores just carry yarn of varying colours.


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  1. I’m glad you had such a great experience at the Yarn Store! I can’t wait to see the sweater for your mom all finished! I purchased some crock-o-dye a few weeks ago (mine is teal) and I can’t wait to work with it although I won’t be doing knee socks 🙂

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