I was thinking


So. Suppose we have this huge technological apocalypse and everyone is back to hunting and gathering. Us knitters (and spinners, especially those of us of the raw fleece persuasion) will be pretty right off.

But what about zombie apocalypse.

Where does that wool come from? What if sheep get infected? Now you have to bludgeon Mr. Fluffy to death for his wool (it’s really self-defense, though).

And that’s one less sheep.

Next thing you know, all the sheep are infected. Poor sheep. But then we have to kill all of them. And once that wool is gone-BAM-no more wool.


Sure, there’s plant fiber. But I hate plant fiber. I am, to be crass, utterly screwed if sheep all turn into zombies and I can no longer acquire wool.

To help ease the shock this realization has no doubt caused, have a webcam photo of the sock I’ve been working on.

(jeebus, but does Josh have big feet)


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  1. I love this post more every time I read it! I guess preparing for the zombie-sheep-apocalypse is a great reason to stock up on more yarn & in your case buy more fleeces!

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