When’s the last time we had a proper sockdate? I mean, really.

Remember these?

Now they’re these:

That colour is much more accurate than what’s come before. The yarn is Gaia’s Colours Umaj sock in Korrigan. It’s a 70 wool/20 bamboo/10 nylon blend, and is super lovely. Just enough sheen to make me happy without screaming BAMBOO. I really can’t recommend her enough–Ursa knows how to dye like nobody’s business. It’s a shame I don’t have more money so I could buy more things from her.

The pattern is from Think Outside the Sox (amazon link), “Ruby Slippers.” It’s a toe up construction, but as soon as I modified it with a short row toe (oh man, I will never ever ever go back to Judy’s on DPNs now) I didn’t care. I think short row toes have turned toe-up the new best way ever to knit.

That’s my favourite picture. I wish I had a sock model, so I could do better pictures, but alas. In any case, I knit these magic loop on my 2mm 36″ Pryms. I do love Prym (they used to be Inox), and I reckon I shall continue to use them for the super teeny sizes. I mean, I need a US 00. At some point. And Pryms, unlike Addi’s, are only about $6-$7 a pair, for what I feel is very similar quality (and better needle tips). But that’s just me.

Which made me start thinking about needles and how I rank them. This is rather informal, but here’s a rundown on the different needles I use for small item knitting (all the big stuff I use my Denise kit).

Lantern Moon Ebony DPNs: Most comfortable. Warm best. More flex, but also break easy. Points suck for stitch manipulation, but a plain sock with yarn that will split flies. Also, the prettiest needle to me, even if KP has lots of colours on theirs.

KnitPicks circs: Cord is a little less forgiving than the Prym. Wood, though, so warm nicely. Good sharp points, great for cables.

KnitPicks DPNs: Perfect size for my hand. Sharp points. Wood is a little less flexible than Lantern Moons, so they tend to start making my hands stiffen up sooner. My go-to needles for all socks with any stitchwork.

Prym/Inox: A new contestant. Metal, so no give; my hands start aching pretty fast. Smooth, but still a bit grabby due to coating. Best cord I’ve ever dealt with. Sharp points, perfect for detail work.

I wonder if anyone else actually spends a few minutes thinking about their various sock needles. I must be crazy.


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  1. The socks look great! Maybe you and I need to buy a set of sock legs & take one apiece! I too need a sock model!

    I don’t ponder my sock needles, much, I’ll admit it! If I’m knitting socks on DPNs then it is Knit Pick Options 6″ US2s (the size of the 2 varies, I never remember which one I should use!). And, if I’m doing magic loop then it is my 40″ Addi Turbo in US2s also. My needle collection is rather boring 🙂 I can’t knit with wood at all, I knit too tight.

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