Cardigans and Spinning


But not actually an update on the Phoenix, though soon, soon. One more row and I’ve finished the first chart.

Instead, I’ve been lusting after a few of the new Twist Collective patterns. One of them, Coventry, I’m satisfied to either a) buy some KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Worsted (which would run about $30) or b) use my stash bust minty green and knit the neck in cream if I don’t have enough to make it. Heck, I could see myself knitting two of them, and since the minty green is acrylic (according to my burn testing), it wouldn’t be that warm in the winter anyway. And it’s my favourite pattern from this issue.

But the more subtle Hallet’s Ledge keeps calling me back to it. The yarn I’d want is the tweedy KnitPicks City Tweed Heavy Worsted, though it runs more expensive. But it’s not the yarn I really want to use, if I’m perfectly honest with myself.

I think it would look lovely in handspun. With a heavy worsted/aran weight, I’m shooting for something far thicker than I’ve ever spun. I’d be shooting for about 8 wraps per inch. I usually spin 15. Maybe 12 after ply. I would need, for my own peace of mind, at least 1 and half pounds after both washing and processing. I’d comb it or spin it lock by lock, naturally–naturally I say, as if that won’t get rid of even more of the precious fiber! Spin it from the fold, so I can still use my ever beloved long draw and that coveted warmth with the smoothness of a short draw.

I keep running the numbers and details in my head. It’s not like I don’t have the fiber. Santa Anna–the white Shetland fleece–still has a few pounds left. I’ve barely touched the gray Shetland. Imagine how warm the soft undercoat of that primitive fleece is, how soft. The gentle heathering the variations would cause. What about the nearly four pounds of beautiful brown-gray Romney I haven’t touched in months?

A lot of work. A lot of learning how to spin thicker, or spinning a ton of plies. What a project.

But how subtly beautiful it would be at the end, my semi-secret of knowing that I really did make it, from start to finish when people ask where I got it. They’ll think I just knit it, that I didn’t actually make the yarn.

I’ll just smile.

If I do it, of course. Also, when the heck did I start both liking cardigans and knitting them?


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  1. Hallet’s Ledge in handspun would be breathtaking! I think you should go for it!

    You probably started liking sweaters more after moving to Des Moines – especially after this past winter!

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