Fleece Washing


I’ve set myself the goal of washing off all the fleeces that I own. A lot of it has to do with the small infestation of flies in my apartment, which has me freaked out beyond belief. This evening I’ll be getting the stuff to take care of it more properly, but for now I’m settling for a record number of flies killed.


The fleeces must be cleaned. I don’t want anything deciding to nest. The cleaner and more secure they are, the better. At least it’s just flies and not something that will actually eat the wool.

I’ve started with the BFL/Suffolk cross I got from Rose Tree. You would not believe it’s the same fiber.

Left is prewash, right is after and dried.

I finally finished setting up all the tulle for the process, and can get twelve ‘sausages’. Depending how I load them up, I can get about a pound of prewash weight.

Here’s some of the clean ones; the other half were in the pot for wash.

I swear if I see another fly after this is over I will scream.


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