Some Tour Lessons


I don’t think that this is necessarily because of the Tour, it’s just I know have enough handspun to make projects–like the socks that I’m knitting out the gradient spun. I’m a pretty picky knitter when it comes to sock yarn and lace, and there are things I will and will not tolerate.

The gradient spun is making a beautiful set of socks, don’t get me wrong. I just absolutely despise the yarn at this point. In some places are these big fat lumps–not huge, I wouldn’t call them slubs–and they are driving me up the wall. They weren’t nearly so present when I started spinning this yarn, so what happened along the way? (They were there, though, don’t get me wrong) For that matter, almost all the green and end of the gold is generally a little thicker than what I started with. Annoying.

They look very pretty, though, I promise, and I’ll get some pictures.

So what’s the lesson from all this?

I really should sample. Really. I should spin that initial amount–say just 10 yards–ply it on itself to see if I’ll like it. Then tape it to an index card so the singles can’t untwist and check against it far more often. And carrying around an index card won’t kill me.

I can handle bumpy yarn on a larger project, but when I’m doing near constant stitch manipulation I refuse. It’s why I consider Noro to be overhyped commerical single that isn’t worth a damn–slubby and rough and full of more grit and dirt than I want to handle. Beautiful colours though. I’m handspinning to get that without the horrible, right? Right?


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