No Tour news yet


But I did finally have both the money (which was harder to get) and time to go down to the Des Moines Bicycle Collective. I donated my Huffy Cranbrook; despite how pretty it was, it wasn’t for me. Despite my total ineptness and horrid knowledge of bikes in reality, the old man who helped me was wonderfully friendly and made sure that I got what I wanted.

I now own a black Schwinn Highplains mountain bike, with excellent brakes and wonderful gears and I could just go on gushing forever. I gave it a test spin around the block before buying it, but I was pretty well sold.

It’s lighter than my old bike or the bike I was borrowing from K (that’s the green bike behind this one). This means I should be able to haul it up much more easily during inclement weather. I even know where I can start putting it, if only I clean that spot up.

Just to empahsize, I think the DSM bike collective is one of the best things in Des Moines. They take old bikes and repair them if possible, sell them, and all sorts of things. They’re a nonprofit so far as I can find, with volunteers coming in to help with their work and bike repair. They do community events around town. And despite me being an idiot, were more than helpful. I got a new helmet for not so new price, and the man helping me (I should have found out his name) even fitted it for me and showed me how it should work. I really can’t sing their praises enough; if you’re wanting a bike, at least give them a stop in to see if they have the bike for you. And known your inseam, because I didn’t.


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