Tour Day 4


Doweled so that I can chain ply at a later date, the Times sample is now finished and I need to step it up to spin 16 ounces of raw fiber by the 25th. This is probably around 90 yards, all spun long draw.

This has now been stored until after the Tour; this is yesterday’s Shetland, probably around 90 yards as well (that’s about how much I usually get on a spindle full). This will likely be a great deal faster to wind off since I can wind off into a center pull ball for 2 plying, then place something cylinder shaped in to keep tension. That brings my total spun raw to finish fleece challenge up to 1 ounce.

Tonight will likely be spent trying to comb as much as humanly possible for the rest of the Tour; hoping to get at least an ounce combed and spun within the next day or two.


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