Tour Days 2 and 3


With a blog (hopefully) about 4 later today.

Day two:

Combing and 25 yards chain plied (started as singles that morning).

Day three:

No combing, and I focused purely on that black and white roving from Bee Mice Elf. Got 36 yards chain plied at the end of it, with more already on the spindle. There are a few grams done. In order to meet my 1 lb of raw fiber goal, I think I’m going to have to switch to just spinning the singles; plying of all sorts eats up valuable time and adds little to my total weight.

I also did some mindless knitting since I don’t want to get spun out. See what I did there?

Lilac Leaf Stole from Nancy Bush’s estonian knitting book again. The center is easily memorized (especially if you can read lace), and so it’s going pretty quick and I can just knit while watching TV instead of, you know, spinning. I don’t even need the pattern next to me, since it’s easily counted by the leafs.

The yarn is Twilight Knits; her colourway Atlantis custom dyed for me on laceweight. I saw the colour a little after seeing this stole, and knew the two were meant for each other. I’m not disappointed. There are, as this picture tries to show, light variations in the tone, and those darker spots really pop in person.

I was just really proud of how even and neat these nupps looked. That’s all.


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