Tour Day 1


Felicity got off to a rip roaring good start this morning, getting her first spindle done by noon.

Not too much later, she combed up a new batch to work from tomorrow morning while she waits on the syrup to finish cooking.

It wasn’t till evening she managed to get that ply done, though; what a beauty! She seems to be holding on to it; we’ll have to see what she has in store to not be setting the twist at night.

She probably lost a bit of time to trying to figure out Picasa, but she did get a pretty damn good collage out of it.

((As you can see, I got a bit of work done. I’m quite pleased. What isn’t mentioned are these two beauties:

(100 yards, support short draw spun, 2-plied, “Aubergine” from Snokist Girl)

(44 yards, “Santa Anna” ram of Windswept farms, spun from lock, chain plied)

which I finished off since I wanted all three of my favourite spindles free for the Tour. I don’t see a need for Malachite just yet, but Happy Ram and Ivy (the clay whorl) have both been pressed into service already.

I also got a few good clean shots of my spindles. Happy Ram has been featured, but I’m particularly pleased with the set of two shot and Malachite’s.

There will likely be pictures almost every day of the tour, since I need a picture in by the end of each day for random drawing fun. Motivation to work!

Have a great Fourth to all the Stateziens!))


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