Tour de Fleece Prep! (and signs of the cardi)


So the Tour starts in July, on both the France and the Fleece. Dumb me. BUT this means I’m actually getting semi prepared for it!

I uploaded a handy dandy video on how I sort a fleece by length once all the crimpy bits have been taken out to be examined more closely later.

This is what Santa Anna looks like all rolled out. That’s my entire kitchenette floor in the apartment. It makes a super soft and lovely ‘rug’ but I rolled it back up after sorting and going through so much fleece.

I had already pulled off most of the really crimpy bits by the time I took the above picture. Since the crimpiest parts usually stick together, I went through and just pulled them off in strips similar to how I do for sorting, putting them in bags based off length. The shorter lengths went into the ziplock, and the longer lengths went into the plastic bag–that’s 12 ounces total, and I can see myself making something nice out of it.

The rest are sorted like was in the video. I ranged it from 4-8″, though it seems I needed to add something for 9″. I think I’ll live.

Not getting used was my water set up. I usually keep two pots on the stove on a low heat–so they don’t boil but are hot enough–and boil some water in the tea kettle so that I have a bowl on the counter for the final rinse. I’ll show that another time, as I ended up not getting to that last night.

Finally, progress on the ever elusive Phoenix cardi! Now that the shawl done, this is my only super big project I have left. I’m ready to go at it all gung-ho, with hopes to have it finished by the time autumn comes and cools down. It seems like forever away, but this cardigan is just as fun to work on as I remembered. It’s up to 4 inches now, and I finally balled the skeins.

Have some beauty shots!

The reason behind that final variegated ball being so much smaller than the green is I ended up splitting it. That used to be the skein attached to the project; I accidently tangled it at one point, and so detached it and untangled and balled. It didn’t want to cooperate, but damned if I’ll mess with it now that it’s working!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend–Des Moines is beautiful this weekend with plenty going on around town, so I’m headed down to the park to pick MULBERRIES! Mmmm, delicious. :3


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  1. That is a ton of fleece! Good for you for preparing in advance & I hope you have fun on the tour.

    I am so in love with the colors of the Phoenix cardigan – it is going to be so lovely!

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