Vernal Equinox Shawl


It doesn’t seem like too long ago when I cast on this beauty. According to Ravelry, I started April 26th–that I finished in such a short time is pretty impressive to me. That I did the blocking a day later, on the first day of summer, I find poetic for something named after spring.

I went for lace weight with smaller needles; the original pattern called for lace weight on size US 6, which I felt was just too large. I’m very fond of laceweight on US 3s, and so that’s what I went for. I knew before knitting that I’d like how it blocked–I used the same type of yarn and needles for the Triangular Summer Shawl, and was more than pleased with the results. As such I was expecting it wouldn’t grow so much.

I may have been wrong, with it growing from about 36″ x less than 36″ to two yards wide and at least one yard long. I was both impressed and superbly pleased at the same time; I find it the perfect size for me, unlike many of the smaller triangular shawls that are so popular.

I wanted something to take the place of that Triangular Summer Shawl that I shipped off to England, but I did not want to knit that pattern again, as beautiful as it ended up. I fond the Vernal Equinox pattern and decided that I simply must knit it; entirely charted (which, as far as I’m concerned, is the best way to do a lace pattern), a delicate yet large result, and a use for some of the laceweight that has been slowly taking over the yarn cabinet.

Most of all, though, I think I wanted something that I could toss on a cool summer night, both for warmth and comfort.

I think I succeeded.


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