Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival


This past weekend was the Iowa sheep and wool festival. I was super excited, and (perhaps better) had a tiny bit of money that I could spend at the market they had. I even thought to take my camera, but as the habitual non-picture taker that I am, I ended up only getting two while at the festival.

Here’s what a sheep looks like while getting sheared. It was kind of nifty, but the sheep just kept bleating all sad like.

This is the sheep that was next, and it certainly didn’t want to be!

It was really interesting to see how the fleeces I purchase manage to stay in one piece, and it let me appreciate it a bit more too. The sheep don’t seem to enjoy the process, but then I bet I wouldn’t either if I had to be turned on my head to get a haircut.

Programs were handed out as we entered for parking and paid admission, and they were quite hefty. There were a bunch of classes going on, but I didn’t take any. I also eventually got a Ravelry button since the Des Moines Knitting Guild was handing them out for free.

I got numerous business cards, and I bought stuff from all of these people except two–Hidden Valley had some gorgeous fleeces for sale, and Color by Nature’s studio had something nice but I don’t remember anymore.

The rest I did get something from, and it goes around like so:

Sandy’s Pallete I got a pure wool roving that has a gorgeous dye. A ton of her dyes had very vibrant, beautiful colours, and were very soft. I got this one because it reminds me of a flower (are they irises or petunias?) and has no blue. Her blues are fantastic, I’m just sick of looking at the colour.

From Lone Tree I bought a teeny bit of silk–she had hand-dyed hankies! Since I couldn’t resist, I bought some. I know it won’t make much, but this is why I need to work on my spinning fine. Besides, what if I don’t like spinning it? I have a pound of alpaca from that happening before.

Celestial Designs had a beautiful BFL roving that reminds me of the Korrigan from Gaia’s Colours, but it’s got a touch more warmth floating around in it. I do so lovely that misty morning gray sea dye theme, though. The particular colourway is called Potash.

This last 100% wool roving was my last purchase of fiber. I didn’t have too much, and Snokist Farm Girl had various rovings that were all 4 oz but had different make ups and thicknesses. They were dyed one colour, but the way it’s done really gives it an appealing depth of sorts, making what I’m calling a faux sheen. This is one of the best purples I’ve had pleasure to see. I see this turning into a lovely evening shawl, so I’ve been spinning it ‘semi-supported’ to make the finest yarn I have yet–a true lace weight. No pictures yet, but I’ll certainly try to get some and a short video of the semi-supported spindle spinning.

Before I could start on that roving, though, I had to get the stuff on the malachite spindle off. The Thai Lantern from before was being sample spun some more, and now we have a chain/Navajo plied batch of pretty.

One day last week I taught myself to crochet at lunch. I don’t know how to do much, but I am armed with all the stitches I need to make toys, and that’s all I desire. Now I have Mr. Squiddiddles.

He’s lime green; I think the photo is slightly off.

I’m also working on a pair of socks for the first time in ages, but I’ll save that for another day and heel turn. Take care!


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