I’m doing stuff. Really.


I haven’t been ueber busy, but that’s mostly due to being tired after coming home and then cooking. I do have a few projects to show though.

First, the Greek Key scarf is coming along, though it eats up yarn very quickly.

I do find it quite lovely, and I’m enjoying how it’s working up.

I have a ghetto loom set up, and I’ve been fiddling with some freeform weaving for a new dish towel.

For all the ugly of some of my random ideas, I do quite like how neat it looks otherwise.

And if the new button on the side didn’t give it away, the Tour de Fleece 2010 is starting up tomorrow! I’ve been madly prepping the fleece I’m going to be using. I figure it’s time to finally really spin that 2-ply lace from Santa Anna’s fleece. (Santa Anna being the ram of Windswept farms.) Lots of cleaning, and now I think I’ve enough to last me long enough to find more delicious crimp.

You can’t tell in this photo, but I swear there’s a major difference between these two locks: the shiny one on top is a dirty one, and it’s way yellow next to the white ones.


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