Summer Time


With summer here, my knitting time seems to have taken a hit. There’s all sorts of reasoning behind that, like work:

where I spend at least an hour each day shifting books and another for shelving. My hands are usually a bit stiff after all that.

There’s all the absurd cooking I’ve been up to, including unicorn cookies:

chocolate chip cookies

(which are eaten too fast to get a picture of them)

and a crepe cake

coated in confectioned glaze and homemade strawberry compote:

which is just as delicious as it looks.

I’ve managed to finangle a cheap lazy kate together for my ply balls, and it will likely make it easier to chain/navajo ply too:

The plants I planted in various jars and pots are coming up and attempting to grow towards my window

(but i still haven’t got a picture of them for some reason)

I have three videogames on my DS to pass the time

(imagine a shot of Phoenix Wright 2 and 3 with Pokemon Soul Silver, which I totally meant to picture but never got around to)

and so knitting hasn’t had much time, what with the hand cramps and cooking and so forth forever.


I have managed to do this in the past three nights, and it’s the entire reason the pretty pretty yarn is nearly done. I frogged the swatch so I could have that yarn too, and it’s looking quite lovely. I just made it to the repeating section.

And I even have only changed ONE THING, which is how I do the left lean. The original didn’t make a pretty matching line with the right lean, and I played with it till I got those beautiful lines.

And that’s really all for now. I hurt my shoulder, most likely between work and rolling out the dough for lunch pizza (chinese garlic chicken and veggies dumped on a crust of coated in butter and sprinkled with cheese).


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