Handspinning Triumph


I know, it’s just a swatch.

But what a lovely one!

That’s the Spring Day and Nights yarn from ages ago that I’ve been spinning, finally having found a pattern perfect for it.

Why yes, I did block it. It seemed critical, with the garter in the piece.

The pattern is the Greek Key Scarf . At first glance, it doesn’t look like something I would touch–so much geometry! I hate geometry. This is a good reason why I dislike most of Shetland lace–it’s all angles and geometry to my eyes. But–and this is a mighty big but!–it’s knit on the bias!! This is perfect for showing off the way I made the yarn without being too complex-looking. It’s a shame that of all the projects thus far, only two really give an idea of how it’s knit, and how they do. Here’s hoping mine looks so nice.


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