Test Knits and Toes (and edit to add Shawl, but it doesn’t fit the T scheme)


I have this thing where I always address the second thing in an and conjunction before the first, which I obsessively correct in my university papers. Unsurprisingly, I’m not going to trouble myself with it here. I clearly should address the second thing first.

I got a pedicure about a week ago, and while I was used to getting a flower on my big toe, these flowers are really quite lovely–they have gems.

I’ve officially finished the test knit, since I was only required to do one glove, and so there are plenty of pictures to show off. The pattern is Luce, and the glove is really quite pretty. It’s a very easy knit, and I spent a good chunk of it reading The Straight Dope archives. I like the results so much I’m likely going to make the other one, too.

I still haven’t been convinced garter stitch is anything but awful in the round, due to the wildly different gauges I get due to how loosely I purl, but it looks nice enough on the cuff and arm. I really like the cast on–it felt very clever and made the picots without any sewing or doing four rows first.

My only issues was that the cable on running up the one side is pretty much impossible to see in a semi-solid, so don’t even think of it with variegated really. The only time it ever shows up is taking this picture, since my camera is all pleasant today.

The vernal equinox shawl is still coming along, and I finished off the third clue and move to the fourth. I’m really pleased with it so far, though it is a very large amount of stitches. I suppose you could say I’m half-through, but I think it’s unfair, since the ‘first half’ has fewer stitches per row. I pinned it out a bit so it could be seen, but it’s a bit folded up since I’m midrow.


Here’s some more comments and pictures to do the shawl some justice. It still isn’t quite as stretched as it will be–I only have a limited amount of needle to work with after all–but this is much better.

I’ll post later with tons of other pictures I took of it, with a bit on my thoughts of why blocking is lovely.


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