I Swear There’s Some Knitting In Here


I may have become ultra-obsessed with my newfound freedom on my bike, but who can really blame me? I have always enjoyed biking, and back home, with the comfort of my mountain bike, I would bike around 5 miles total every day in the evening when summer hit.

Now that I’ve replaced the stolen cruiser I had just after moving to Des Moines, the bug has snuck up again. Rain or shine–and potentially snow, provided I get through maintenance classes and thus know how to put on some snow tires–I’ve biking fairly religiously since Friday.

Today was a big biking adventure. Inspired by Essjay, I headed off into the wild world yonder to try and get to Water Works Park. I do believe I got close, but no cigar. I missed a turn earlier on, was entirely lost, and by the time I figured out that I probably just needed to head down MLK bike route a bit farther, I was already making my way back and getting lost on the way to work. Upon finding the sculpture park, my faith was restored, as I knew the way now. If the weather is nice Friday I’ll most likely be taking myself a trip out to the waterworks, this time for certain.

Not willing to waste having brought my camera with me, I took some pictures of the various sculptures at the park–but not all of them by any means. Just the ones I particularly liked. I didn’t actually read any of the signs, but I do have a little to say on some of the sculptures I took pictures of.

This here is the sign that greets you at the park entrance.

The sculpture closest to where I arrived was this big black menacing thing, and so I took a few photos of it to make it feel all special.

There was an interesting set of chair looking things, but they were being cleaned.

There are various people sculptures, or at least that’s what I call them. These two in particular amused me when I caught sight of them just over the hill, so I took a picture of them as close to that initial impression that I could. They look like they’re just minding their own business, unaware of me watching them.

The other people statue can be walked right into, so I took various shots of it. One I was standing on a hill in order to get a good shot, which gives no size of scale, and two of me right next to it and inside. I’m quite intrigued by how it’s made up of letters in no particular order, and find it a bit fascinating from the writer perspective of everything being words, and words being letters which we assign arbitrary meaning and sound.

This spike ball was what I first saw. Another one I got some perspective shots on–I took two of them while laying underneath it, and one at a good 30 yards with no zoom.

This glorious tree was there, and while I don’t know what the name of the sculpture is, I’ve been calling it Yggdrasil because that’s what it reminds me.

And got probably my favourite shot of the day from photographing it:

The entire reason I remembered the sculpture park at all, though, were the horses that I saw in the paper ages ago. I got some lovely shots of them as well–the larger one is my favourite, and most of my shots were of it. The good ones all were, anyway. The smaller one was harder to photograph–I should have tried a different side than the two I did try. The first two are the big one, last one is the smaller.

There was a robin I got an excellent picture of, and a dude hanging up one of the banners they drape downtown. I wouldn’t want his job!

I also took pictures of the shawl currently on the needles–the Vernal Equinox Mystery Shawl–which I’m finding to be quite the addictive knit. It’s on size 3 needles, using some of the pink Skacel lace I won from a drawing from March to Finish.

The shawl’s available for free on Ravelry, if you’re interested. I have no idea why I’m enjoying it so much, but I really should be working on my test knit for another designer:


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  1. I’m glad you still found some where fun to take pictures despite getting lost. I’ve never been to the sculpture garden so I’m going to have to add that one to my list of places to go! I’m so glad you have a bike so you can get out more!

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