I spent the morning studying for a test until the last possible moment, then threw everything into a bag and waited on my toast to, well, become toast. I ended up urging it on vocally, telling it should be toast much sooner, and glancing furtively at the clock because I really did need to be out the door.

As I hurried along, eating the now-toast, I couldn’t help but think how college students are weird. After all, I am a college student; it is one of a few definitions that I place upon myself. But was my talking to my toast what made college students weird as a whole?

I’ve been talking to things I’m waiting on for years, prior to college student-dom. I will most likely continue to talk to my toast in the early morning when I need to get to work and it’s the last thing I’m waiting on. Talking to toast is not a symptom that occurs from being a college student. College students are undoubtedly weird for a variety of other things, but toast talking is not one of them. It’s localized.

(There may be a secret society of toast talkers, in which case I wouldn’t mind an invite.)

In other news, the Mother Ship Project is nearly done, and once May 8th passes I’ll be able to post pictures of the full set. The Pheonix cardi is up another 10 rows. Spinning proceeds as planned, or not planned, and I’m having to get reused to light spindles like Mr. Happy-Ram after the Monster (which is now the name of that Schacht spindle). I flung poor Happy Ram across the room a few times.


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  1. This post made me giggle. I don’t talk to toast (because I don’t eat it often) but I do talk to my dogs. At least they are breathing animals though but they sure as heck don’t talk back!

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