The Spinning of Thai Lantern 1


Hello all and welcome back! When I left off, I was in the midst of spinning the singles I’d be using to create the 2-ply. I had meant to get a picture of the full cop of singles, but forgot. Instead, I have them wound on one side of my niddy-noddy when the arms are parallel so I could make the bracelet I’d be plying from:

Not a great picture, I do admit. I usually wouldn’t bracelet ply this much yarn (it was probably about 210-220 yards), but it was a very nice day out the next day and so I stood and spun off the side of my apartment building (I live on the 3rd floor). No, I don’t do that when spinning singles. Yes, I did drop it once, mostly due to my own silliness, but made a quick recovery.

When finished, the cop was much bigger than I was expecting for having basically halved the cop of singles to spin it:

It took up over the logo on the bottom of the spindle, while the singles only took to the bottom of the logo. Impressive.

The next step was to wind it onto the niddy-noddy properly so that I could get a good estimate of how much I had and prepare it to be set.

After tying some cotton around a few places of my tiny skein (I have a 1-yard niddy noddy, so one full pass is 1 yard), I filled the bathroom sink with some hot water and gently pressed the skein in. It had to soak for a bit, so I left it alone while it had it’s bath.

After said bath, it was whacked and hung to dry. It took about a day, and resulted in this:

Roughly 105-110 yards, varying between fingering to somewhere between dk and worsted. I usually manage a more even spin, but for a spindle that’s much heavier than I’m used to, I’m really quite pleased with it. I’ve got another 2 ounces to go through, which will give me about 220 yards if I continue in the same vein.


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