A Miscellany + Phoenix Update 1


Progress on the Phoenix cardi is up to row 20 after who knows how many hours, and it’s looking quite snazzy. It’s about three inches long, to be proved by my strangely accurate pinky (which is exactly 3″ long from knuckle to tip and 1 cm wide at the tip).

And here’s two different sections of it. The variegate is variegated quite wonderfully, despite my initial worries of the repeats being just perfect to make each section the same colour the whole time.

The pattern is surprisingly enjoyable, and I think it’s because each row is so different from the one prior, so it never gets boring.

Spinning of the Thai Lantern is coming along well, and I’m preparing a “this is how I made it” from start to finish. I may do it in two parts, since it may be a while before I can being the 2-ply part. It involves a great deal of fluff, as you can see:

I’m one of those people who will wear a pair of shoes/flip flops until they fall apart, and so it’s a little surprising I bought a pair of sandals last night. Despite the price tag, I viewed it much the same way I viewed purchasing my Doc Martens–comfort, will last years, and will be worn frequently. I was also urged on by the need for some shoes I could wear to work that had heel cushioning, as my right heel is hurting from lack of padding on my normal shoes.

I’m not getting paid to say this, and I don’t think I know anyone who works for them. I do know that Teva has the best padding ever for flip flops (I’ve had my pair close to 6 years). I was trying on some, and lamenting the lack of sandals from them, since I wouldn’t be able to wear the flip flops to work (we have to have a heel strap/something securing the shoe to our foot) and K said “You mean like those?” and pointed to a display I’d missed. Huzzah! It’s like walking in a cushy cushiony cushion of goodness. Really.

I also got my chromatic tuner in at last, so I can stop using the dumb one I have on my computer. Today was one of the most pleasing practice days ever, and I was made fully aware of how small small adjustments are on my harp sound wise. But now it sounds exactly like I was sure it was meant to (I have difficulty tuning the lowest notes, and so they were usually horrible flat or horrible sharp and not much between).

Why yes, that is my coffee table covered in fiber in various stages of prep. And I love how intuitive the tuner is and how much it helped me that I had to let it in the picture too.

My bread for this week also turned out much better than the week prior, though I do realize that Friday (tomorrow) is time for the next batch. Humour me, I just didn’t get the pictures up soon enough. I’ve nearly the got the recipe as good as for one loaf when making two.

A comparison shot of bread height (the week prior, I didn’t put enough yeast in, and it shows):

And then some shots to make you wish you could eat it:

I do believe that’s all the random I have to share, so until next time, Gadget!


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  1. The cardi is looking great – the colors are still so fantastic! I’m glad you found comfy shoes – some times it is worth it to spend a bit more money for that comfort & longevity. The bread looks great!

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