Yarn Field Trip Report + Aragorn Socks


Thursday was the owner, Rosemary, of Rose Tree Fiber’s birthday, and Saturday they had a big 20% off sale at the store. The DSM metro knitters arranged a group trip up for lunch and then knitting Saturday, so that was exciting. I was pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to go–I’d been sick for nearly two weeks after all, and just this week really got better–but I did! I did not eat any cake, but I did buy lots of stuff.

I wish I’d taken my camera, because it really was a picture day. Essjay picked me a bit before 11am, and we met everyone at a particular parking lot. We all divided up, and headed off. There were ‘we’re lost’ shenanigans, but we did get there quite alright.

We had lunch at the deli nearby. They had excellent brownies, but I’ve certainly hit my chocolate intake for the next while. I didn’t much care for the wrap I got–it was a bit ranch heavy for my taste, but I did it eat half of it and drink plenty of Coke to help me keep from feeling too hungry too soon.

Then it was time to head over to the yarn store. It was fairly busy, but there was so much yarn! They had one yarn by Berroco that I had been wondering about–it was totally exquisite, especially the deep red. I don’t remember the brand, it didn’t have too much to a skein. Tons of yarn, but I was really drawn to the fiber. They had roving braids hanging from hooks from the ceiling just calling my name, and baskets full of fiber. There were a few boxes with tufts of roving sticking out, some baskets with cleaned locks, and a shelf with spinning magazines/books and bags of various other fibers (and not all wool). There were even spinning wheels, but as I have rent to pay, I restrained myself (how would I get it back to the apartment anyway?).

I immediately saw the basket with nearly 2lbs of bfl/suffolk. I kept coming back to it and looking at it, and then I saw how crimpy it was. It needs some serious cleaning, but I’m super excited to work with it for frog hair instead of the alpaca (which is just frustrating).

I also kept hitting my head on some of the very heavy Schacht spindles they had hanging down, and since I really liked the way the wood was turned, I asked to also get one of those. I really quite like it, though it’s way heavier than any of my other spindles–possibly even my agate whorl one.

I spent some time in the back room with the other knitters in the group, and opened up a few locks of my white Shetland with the carder. I think I spun about 6 locks, and I tried to explain/show the ladies who asked what I was doing and how. This went on for a while, and I kept wanting to play with the new spindle (naturally). I ended up making a second shopping trip back in the front of the store.

I got three braids of roving dyed by jwrayco, 4oz each. They’re very lovely, and nice and soft.

One reminds me of lemon, colour called Flowers on the Beach:

Another reminds me of sunsets, when everything is red and purple, colour Scatness:

And the final one reminds me of a red rose, with subtle bits of green in for the ‘petals.’ The colour is Thai Lantern:

That’s the one that in the shop I liked least, so what I did the test ply with. I actually think I still like it the least, but it’s really quite beautiful. The sample I did was a 2-ply (wrapped a bracelet) to show one of the ladies how plying works and how it looks. The new spindle did an excellent job of that.

I also bought 2.4oz of some hand-dyed merino top. I think it’s absolutely luscious, and it’s just as soft as it looks, if not softer. I’m not sure what I’ll be spinning with it, but I feel I may need to chain ply in order to preserve the colourway.

Somewhere in there, I think a bit before the second shopping spree, Essjay made me the most adorable key chain with some left-over Malabrigo. She was making quite a few of them for the people there from DSM knitters who didn’t have one already. It’s at the place of honour right by the yarn cutter (perhaps not the wisest idea on my part).

So while it’s obvious that I spent most the time at the store spinning, right near the end I broke out my second Aragorn sock. I didn’t have that much left to go before I got to do the toe, so I got a good deal of progress. Not long after that it was time to go, so everyone got together and we headed back.

On the trip back, I got all the rows but the last done for the foot, meaning I had little to go to get the toe.

Soon as I got back, I ran into K, and we headed in. He played a bit of Prototype and I finished knitting and grafting Aragorn. So now I have a second pair of matching socks!

And then I got all the stitches transferred over for the Phoenix Cardigan before we went to dinner. Not much else got done on it, but with how much I did get done today I certainly won’t complain.

All in all, quite the excellent day. :3


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  1. I’m so glad you were able to come to Rose Tree with us – it was a great day! You certainly purchased some wonderful items and I look forward to seeing your spinning adventures with the fiber and roving. Your socks look fantastic – congratulations on finishing the pair!

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