Phoenix Cardi – 0


The pre-post, the first post, if you will, of my epic knitting project, Meg Swanson’s Phoenix Cardigan.

I had the yarn custom dyed for me by Twilight Knits, because at the time I had the money to spend. She finished it up and sent it along, and now I have my lovely yarn for it. I’m quite pleased with it, and both are very ‘me’ yarns.

The variegated will make the actual phoenix:

While the green will be for the sleeves and ‘background’:

I did cast on and knit most the first row, but then my needle broke when I looked at it funny. KnitPicks has sent a replacement ( yay! ), but for now there’s a small hiatus while I wait.

But the yarns do look nice together:

((Yes, there’s much more than that. It’s currently sitting on my couch in a friendly pile. I even have gone crazy, and I’m trying knitting from skein so that I take even more care and slow down more. I don’t want to mess up.))

And the lovely lady at Twilight Knits sent me a set of pattern keepers with cupcakes on too. :3

Now I’m off to go to the doctor to find out why my strep is still firmly lodged in my throat despite a week of antibiotics.


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  1. I have made the phoenix project design into a “mini” blanket. I started out making a teenage boy’s sweater with a hood and fire design on the sleeves…good intentions (hood, 1 sleeve, front of sweater w/ phoenix completed); I really liked the pattern…I may try this one again. I can’t wait to see your progress.

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