Shetland and Shopping Oh My


So I’ve been out and about, and had the lovely opportunity of going to one of Des Moines area’s yarn stores. I got to go to Knitted Together on Saturday, and I wish I’d taken my camera, because it was so lovely in there. I felt a little awkward, because I just wanted to ogle and I can be particularly shy around new people, but they were more than friendly. I went in without a specific project in mind, which may have been a mistake, but I think it also let me buy some stuff I might not have. (Despite the lovely sunshine bulky yarn on sale, I did not buy it because I KNOW BETTER. What would I ever use bulky for??)

Des Moines Metro Knitters have mentioned doing a knit-a-long of Twisted (the socks from the new ravelry) and I’d been thinking about knitting them anyway. I think this yarn might make a good fit:

but I might want to swatch it first.

The ladies also had Skacel in taupe; I love Skacel from the Summer Triangular Shawl, so I naturally snagged it as soon as I saw the price (only $14.50, are they insane?). I’m trying to decide what to do with it, as I’d like to make another lovely shawl.

The final purchase was a “must have but no idea what to do with,” and I got enough to make a small pair of socks. There’s no way I’ll knit socks, since it’s a single, but right now I just like petting it and looking at it. Though the picture doesn’t show it, it has a lovely glitter to it–very subtle, but definitely apparent in sunlight. The colour I got is “treasure chest.”

A bit prior, someone on a forum I frequent (not Ravelry) was destashing at amazing prices, so I snagged some Plymouth Baby Alpaca lace in chocolate:

I got two balls of it. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but this puts me at absurd amounts of Plymouth Baby Alpaca and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with any of it.

I also bought these from here, fingering weight 2-ply Berga yarn. I can’t find much information on Berga, as it seems they went the way of the dodo, but I certainly do love these. I’m actually contemplating a colourwork hat or some classical mittens, because I love how the colours look together.

Two of the light blue:

And one each of the middle and dark:

I’m guessing each has about 400 yards due to size and weight.

You’re probably wondering what in the world the Shetland has to do with all this.

I finally got around to spinning a bit of the 80/20 Shetland/alpaca blend into a 2-ply lace. I only somewhat like the finished result (also, it’s only lace because it’s got more than 14 wpi, since it’s rather thick). When the blend gets started it’s very easy to spin with, but it tends to stick to itself very easily, and I don’t much like it because of it. Also, I think the alpaca isn’t a good compliment for the Shetland.

I know, I know, alpaca is soooo soft. But it doesn’t work for me. Most likely because I’ve also been spinning some of the white Shetland from the lock, which is an utter dream.

That’s three locks right there. Just three. I’ve gotten an absurd amount from three. The Shetland stays soft no matter how much twist I add, it drafts amazingly well, and it looks so pure to boot. Spinning from the lock is probably the most instantly gratifying thing I’ve ever tried, and I’m certainly going to keep going with this sample for a while.

I do believe that’s all for now. Tonight I plan on finishing off the border of the crow print shawl so I can block tomorrow. Not quite sure what I’m going to do next, but there’s a few things in my queue worth taking a look at.

Take care and happy fiber times!


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