Completed shawl, current design, and bread


So it’s been a while since I’ve dared show my words around here, but I blame that on spring break and the luxury of time. This will be a longer post to make up for it. I got relatively little knitting done over spring break, excepting one little beauty: 198 yds. of Heaven ‘shawlette’ to test knit some yarn for Gaia’s Colours.

I put shawlette in quotes because I knit it with heavy fingering/sport weight yarn on US 10.5/6.5 mm needles, and so instead of being a tiny little scarfy thing, it’s much bigger.

How much bigger, you inquire?

28″ from top to bottom of tail and 62″ across bigger, I say. I think, despite the shoddy lighting and cluttered desk, that’s a pretty good idea of scale.

It was a decadently simple and fast knit, for which I was very happy. I loved the pattern and I loved the yarn–as I mentioned, a test knit for Gaia’s Colours. It’s a 30% camel/70 % silk, and one of the nicest things I’ve knit with. Find the oldest, most worn piece of cotton you can–feel how silky smooth it is. That’s almost how soft and cozy the yarn is. Only more so, and it’s just the right type of warmth.

Here’s some more photos!


During blocking:

Just before I started the shawl, I got in my bone needles (about 4.5mm or US 7) in and simply had to try something. I quite like how they feel, and I started a scarf using the crow print pattern in Haapsalu Shawl with intent to finish it and knit a border. I discovered two things: 1. fingering weight does not have quite the airy I like on 4.5 mm needles 2. I really like bone needles.

The yarn from Gaia’s Colours came in, and I cast on the shawl immediately since I was test knitting the yarn and it had spent five days in transit. I fell in love with triangular shawls knit in fingering weight. No one ever mentions just how quickly they knit up! So I ripped out the scarf, cast on with the 6.5 mm needles, and roughed out a pattern for the crow’s foot to use up the rest of the yarn from the Vilai socks.

I’ll be doing one more repeat and the border, I do believe, and then I’ll fix up a pretty pattern to give out. The crow’s foot is immensely fun to do for me, and I’ve got it memorized–I love when a pattern lends itself to memorization. I’m fairly certain the slow inclusion of the foot on the sides/by center are fairly intuitive as well, and will look nice despite not being ‘full’ feet.

I’ve got several ideas for other shawls to knit as well, and I really like the idea of doing one with a center panel and another pattern or two to segue. I’m going to see about finding out how to do one from the bottom up other than casting on all the stitches I’ll need. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too unlike doing it top-down.

And finally, with all the bread craze among my friends, the cooking and knitting blogs I read, and just general want to make food, I made white bread:

It’s super tasty, and I ate nearly half of it before it finished cooling. I’ll be picking up more stuff for bread making when I go to the grocery store, since I just enjoyed it so very much. Just to find the time for this stuff….

I may post my recipe, but won’t happen right now. Right now, it’s time for a late lunch.


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  1. The shawl looks lovely – beautiful color!

    The bread looks great too – I can understand eating 1/2 of it before it was cool! I hope you had a great spring break!

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