We all remember frumperina, don’t we? Here’s a reminder:

After much sewing and then pinning, frumperina was forced out on the bed:

It’s like pinning a butterfly–definitively dead but still pretty.

Now that pattern of before looks a bit more like this:

I’ll post more about the particular pattern later; for now, I just want to share the beauty of a properly blocked shawl. (For those who want to know what the pattern is, it’s the Summer Lace Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush, knit with Skacel’s 2 ply 100% merino in purple on size US 3 needles.)

I’m entirely wearing this wrong side out, but you can’t tell as these two pictures are too grainy for that level of detail.

Doyle quite likes wearing it too:


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  1. This is so very lovely! Blocking does make a world of difference, doesn’t it? That is perhaps my favorite part about knitting lace…..not that I knit a lot of lace (yet – too many other things to knit first!).

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