Ravelympics Wrap-Up (the one sock date to rule them all)


Or maybe not. I did end up watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on the second sock.

What ended up being my event was a pair of socks for a friend–thus the severe lack of knitting updates. She got them, so now I can tell all.

My original plan would have had me comfortably finishing two pairs of socks by closing day. You saw the Aragorn sock–the first one–and then I switched off the to the first sock for Mroo: Vilai by Cookie. Love the sock, Mroo loved the sock, and so I was all ready to go.  It was day 5 of the Olympics, and nothing could stop me.

Things get hazy after this. I have no idea what the dates ended up being, so I can’t do one of those nifty day by day updates.

Day something: I have gotten done with the first two repeats of the leg for the first sock. I take pictures. I still have the luxury of time for pictures.

I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I even take a side picture.

At some point in this mess, I catch a cold. A sinus cold. If I look down–which I do when I knit–I’m in terribly agony, my nose hates me, and I can’t get much done. So I get next to no knitting done. I do get that first heel turned though, which was a joyous occasion:

It’s at this point I realize that I’m done to less than five days, and I don’t have time to finish any of my other events. Either I finish Vilai, or I finish Aragorn. I went with Vilai–the twisted rib on Aragorn was time consuming when I did it the first time.

Records get sparse. I stop taking pictures all the time. I’m more interested in getting it done–which is difficult, as I’ve got assignments due in most of my classes. But I knit like a demon when I can.

Then, suddenly, it’s Sunday. I’ve got just a little bit done on the second sock. I have no idea where the time went. So I sat down, popped in Lord of the Rings, and began to knit like I was carrying the Ring to Mordor. Three hours in, I have this:

I’ve just started the heel turn, and it’s 3pm. I’m exhilarated. I might be able to finish this! So I go straight back to knitting. After the Two Towers–always my favourite book–I’m a bit farther along:

Return of the King goes in. I do not stop for anything. Excepting my five minute scarfing of some pizza. My hands are starting to feel shakey, fatigued, and like they’re doing things without me controlling them. It wasn’t painful, but I knew I wasn’t going to like it later. I was cutting it close–it ended and I only had two hours left. I didn’t bother wasting time on pictures–I went straight into the final burst. I switched toes so I’d get it done in time. After all, I’d still need to graft.

I’ve never grafted so quickly in my life.

And then, when that last end was woven in… SUCCESS! I did it! Granted I knit for 11 hours straight, but I totally had done it, as my rather explicit post before said. I rushed into the bedroom, set up the tripod, and took a slew of pictures to parade on Ravelry.

Complete! And I couldn’t say anything on the blog, or at least not post photos, because they were meant to be a surprise. Today Mroo sent me this and now you get to see them on the feet they were meant for:

Even with the different toe, they fit her just fine. 🙂

For the technical people out there:

They were knit on 2.25mm dpns, with Knit Picks Palette in Grass–not a sock yarn, but a tough wearing one. Pattern is Vilai by Cookie A. from her book Sock Innovation (which I highly recommend). One foot has a short row toe, the other a modified regular toe (dislike the whole decrease to 8 stitches, so decreased to 20 to side and grafted).

Later on, not too long I imagine, I’ll be posting an update of a (nearly) finished project and some of the white Shetland after combing.

Hope everyone had a blast with the Ravelympics and/or Knitting Olympics!


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