The universe sent a sign that I should not do homework in my mail arriving right as I sat down.

5.8 lbs of fiber later…

I love getting new fleece. There’s something pretty amazing about a fleece, about taking it and prepping it and getting yarn one day.  And now that I have had more practice, I’ve started to get a washing system down and so forth.

I haunt the Ravelry Fleece Market group in search of the one true fleece to rule them all. Or have easier access to fleece, in any case. Windswept Farms made mention they had some Shetland fleece for sale, and I naturally had to go and take a good look.

They have pictures. When you usually buy fleece online, pictures are worth a thousand words. So here’s my two thousand word essays for each of the ones I got.

A white ram show fleece, 3.2 lbs, 7-8 inch staple:

The camera settings were drastically altered so I could get those two shots. It hasn’t even been washed yet, and it glows like snow in the sunlight. It’s going to be brilliant when washed.

The second is a light gray fleece, 2.6 lbs, 10-11 inch staple. Good old fashioned camera settings for the bright light, though it too is a bit over exposed–the fleece wanted to glow too!

The shopping experience was also pleasant. Very excited by how quickly I was contacted, the payment process, and how soon it went out.

Oh what fun I’m going to have!


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