What a gift card can buy…


Today I had a chance to go and use my Target gift card. Very very excellent.

I got a scale:

which fits my needs very well. Since I can figure out an ounce easy, that’s what counts.

I also got zip bags, which aren’t worth picturing. And perhaps one of the coolest things ever:

((it has some romney fleece I’m washing in it)) A salad spinner.

I shouldn’t be quite so thrilled, but when I saw it I immediately was amazed. As someone who doesn’t enjoy doing huge batches of wash at once, it’s perfect. Not to mention that since I pay for laundry, all those things for using the washer to clean fleece is out.

This is a Michael Graves salad spinner, and the top has a nice pull handle. You can take the green colander out, which I do to pour out old water and put in new.

The really awesome thing is before laying the fleece out to dry, I can put the lid on, and spin excess water out. At no cost, other than a few pulls on the handle. It’s really quite lovely, and it does a wonderful job.

I cleared up my coffee table and folded out one of the leaves. Now it looks like this:

The hand spun fun is going along well, though there’s no way it’ll be done by Sunday:

There was a Hobby Lobby just down the road, so I asked K if we could go there first. For less than $5 and some random rubber cement I have (no idea why), I now have a bottom whorl drop spindle:

I’m really quite pleased, though my default yarn on this seems a bit thicker than I’d like. But good to know. I’m going to keep spinning up this particular fiber on it.

Today I got my wool combs in, which is wonderful.

I really understand these far more than and sooner than I ever have the hand carders. Also, fewer injuries so far. I used them to fluff and realign the fiber I had dyed, and so it spun much more smoothly than other fiber I’ve dyed.

Here’s a size reference for the tines–my hands are 9 inches from tip of middle to bottom of palm, the tines are 7 inches, curved.

I also have two new desk buddies, much to my delight.


and Iron Man:

I finished off the first of Mroo’s socks, and I’ve started on the second. She can deal with seeing the colour, I’m sure, because I also got my Julip Bag in today and simply have to share.

This is with the project in, all bundled up and cute:

This is with the dpn + project holder that she the lovely Katherine added at my request for my socks (as well as a bonus just dpn holder). It was a little extra, but I think well worth it.

I do believe that’s all I have for sharing tonight. More homework awaits me, as does more work in general. I’m looking forward to some sort of break this weekend, if I can get it.

Take care all!


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