I have no idea if I can do it, but I’m going to try to finish one of the two pairs of socks before Sunday.

The other bit is the yarn spinning I decided to do for some reason.

I got Respect the Spindle in today, much to my delight. While there wasn’t a whole lot I wasn’t aware of, the later sections were immensely useful. The idea to spin blind sounds like a great exercise, but I’ll wait till I’m not on a few deadlines.

Naturally I had to spin after that. I spun standing, which I find far more comfortable. I even tried out drafting mostly horizontal. I really got into the groove of it, and K was over while I spun for a while. We talked and watched youtube videos/listened to music for a while. I ended with an almost full spindle. I might be able to squeeze a little more on; but first I’ll have to card some more border.

Here’s some fiber pictures, though all this has been spun now.

The border fleece, while still a fleece. The tips are a pretty silvery colour.

So when I spin it, it isn’t a ‘true’ black, but when next to the white corri/bright Capistrano it looks it.

Here’s some of the prepped corridale.

Again, it’s all spun up, and I even had to get a bit more corri out to get through this particular batch.

I think I’ll try squeezing a bit more on–at least the last bit of border to finish off that ‘repeat.’

Hope everyone else is more on target than me!!


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