This Post Has Photos


So after a real charge of my camera batteries, I could at last take photos. And my yarn from Gaia’s Colours came in, so extra delight!

Here’s the serger thread that I cannot find the end of:

Any tips on how to find that?

Gaia’s Colours has some excellent yarn, and you can find her store here. She’s got a sale for the month of February, so check it out at least. Her yarn is pretty awesome. I got three skeins of the stuff:

First I got some Gum Lin Bamboo sock in Amaterasu–it’s a lovely yellow colour, very sunshiney. I’m not sure what socks to make with, but it’ll make some lovely ones nevertheless. It’s 80% bamboo, 20% superwash wool, weighing in at 115 grams and 473 yards.

On the far right is one I decided on at the last minute. It’s Umaj Merino/Bamboo sock, 466 yards, 115 grams. A 70% superwash wool, 20% bamboo, 10% nylon. It feels absolutely lovely. It’s in Korrigan. I wasn’t sure about the purchase at the time, but now that it’s here, it’s absolutely amazing to look at and I’m looking forward to whatever I make with it.

The final one I got with a specific set of socks in mind. I’ve wanted some orange socks for some reason, and this is quite orange and firey and goodness. It’s also Umaj Merino/Bamboo sock, so same stuff as above; however, the colourway is Tammuz.

Isn’t that just delicious?

In other news, I got pictures of my carders and a poor fuzzy picture of my wound.

That covers pretty much the whole of my knuckle, and looks pretty bad.

Here’s why:

Those there are covered in steel teeth. All over. It’s really easy to not really remember what you’re doing and pull the wrong way and next thing you know bam look like you got bit by a baby badger. Or at least it’s easy for me. I’m dumb.

BUT it was worth it in the end.

Here’s the singles I was spinning of the back and forth white corridale and black border leicester.

Obviously you can’t see the white there, but it’s there, I promise.

Here’s a picture of the stuff plied with the candy capistrano I showed off the other day, still on the spindle:

And now you can’t see the black!

But I did snag some pictures after I wound off. It’s currently in the sink while the twist sets now, but no reason these pictures won’t do.

I really like the immense change visually between the white and black. The black makes the capistrano look nearly neon, while the white makes it head towards pastels. I’m going to test knit some and see what really happens once I get my wraps/inch.

And seen in the background of many pictures but only just now introduced is Desk Buddy:

He’s the Raptor from the oooooold Sega/arcade game Primal Rage. I’ve had him for ages; that was always my favourite character to play. If you pull his leg back he’ll rack with his front claws. A video would appropriately demonstrate this, but I’m far too lazy for such right now.

OH and one last picture of mystery. These are socks I”m making for Mroo. It’s in monochrome and poor due to the fact she can’t know the pattern or the colour yet.

It’s a fair bit longer, but I can’t properly demonstrate that right now since that would give away the pattern. If you really want to see how it’s going, check it out on Ravelry, where I’ve posted some better pictures.

With that, I bid you all a good night.


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    • That’s only been for two years. I couldn’t tell you why I started, but I did. I’m probably going to bring it along to a few of the meetups at some point, as I really enjoy it. If my hands get sore from knitting I’ll switch to spinning, as it works different muscles entirely and that’s pretty awesome. :3

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