I was going to make a nice post


but my camera hates me.

So instead I’ll just do a pictureless briefing on the status of things right now.

I’m a bit burnt out. I have a cold. It sucks. It means tilting my head down to look at my hands while knitting puts me in miserable nose-hates-me despair. So my knitting is now at a crawl.

I have one sock done, and am part of the way through the leg of another. This cold has me doubting my ability to Ravelympic.

Since it’s far more eyelevel with the drafting of fiber, I have been spinning. I got a decent cop of the candy stuff (here’s a picture since I had this taken a while back):

Which is a limited run of Periwinkle by Capistrano Fibers. It’s 80% merino and 20% silk.

I knew from the get go I’d be doing a double ply. I didn’t like the thought of double plying with more of the same. So I am now doing it with a ‘black’ (read ‘super dark brown that’s nearly black) carded border leicester which, after a number of yards, switches to an undyed white corridale. I’m hoping this will cause a sort of subtle self-striping effect, but we’ll see.

During the carding process, I seem to have lost my senses on how to card. For such, I was rewarded with a wound that equals when I first started using them. According to one person, my knuckle “looks like [I was] attacked by a badger.” It’s on my right hand, and the camera died in my attempts to photograph it.

I have created a little bag for my ‘waste wool,’ which I imagine I’ll use for cleaning the carders when/if I use steel wool to hone them.

I’m awaiting several knitting related packages, as well as my lovely wool combs.

I’m thinking of finishing all my WIPs after Ravelympics, and not trying to work on anything new–that should tide me over until the yarn for my Phoenix Cardi is dyed.

I ordered a large custom order from Twilight Knits for the Phoenix Cardi, btw. I really should do a proper review of her, huh?

I have serger thread for reinforcing sock heels and toes, but I cannot find the end of it.

Mr. Happy Ram keeps me from buying new spindles.

Also, I have a cold. I’m going to bed now. Hope you’re all in better health than I.


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