Sweeny Todd and more Ravelympics


So far I’m still on target for the first set of socks. I may do a bit more tonight, but tomorrow night the first one should be finished. Then it’ll be time for the first sock of the other pair for Mroo.

Here’s how snazzy the Aragorn socks look thus far.

Back of cuff/leg:

One of the sides:

The front:

An excellent shot of it laid flat:

Awesomeness, yes?

I watched Sweeny Todd with Depp tonight while I turned the heel. My first impressions were that Depp sucks at singing. He got better, but he did not nail that first number at all. The woman who played Ms. Lovett was darling.

It was a very Burton movie.

However, even not having seen it, I get the distinct impression it’s simply nowhere near as good as the staged one, even if this has Alan Rickman. Sondheim apparently approved of it, so good for him. I want to see a good production of it and see what I think. The original cast record of the musical kicks the singing in the movie’s rear end.

It also didn’t inspire the dread I’ve been told the musical did. The removal of the chorus really really made things get disjointed in figuring out what was going on when and how much time it took.

I know, you don’t read this blog for movie reviews. Thought it might be worth it though. 😛

Anyway, have a good night, and best of luck to other knithletes.


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