Ravelympics 2010–on the sock front


I’m doing two pairs of socks. The first is the smaller of the two, and I’ve gotten the cuff, leg, and gusset mostly done on it in two days. Quite heartening.

The pattern is Aragorn by Janneke Maat (that’s the link to the ravelry page). It’s a mystery sock trek, and it’s one of the most enjoyable knits I’ve had besides the Fern Glade hats.

I shortened it to four reps on the leg instead of five, as I like the height that gives and I have a long foot (want to have enough for both socks).

Here’s the front:

And the back ( a twisted rib):

The yarn is Gaia’s Colours, in the Green Man colourway. It’s amazingly sturdy, and I highly recommend her yarn to anyone who wants a bit of luxury and gorgeous work.

I also got to go to the Des Moines Metro knitters meetup this Saturday for new members. There were so many people! There was some food, much fun, knitting, and all sorts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That magical moment when everyone pulled out their projects simply cannot be beat.

I also got a cute little yarn tub out of it:

I’m carting around the Aragorn socks in it for now, but I should probably be carrying my Summer Lace shawl project instead!

And a few days ago, I was given this lovely carnation for Valentine’s by a guy just handing them out to girls. It was really sweet. It wasn’t quite bloomed when he gave it to me, but now–on actual day–it’s quite lovely. I’m really pleased with the fact the petals is one of my favourite schemes–I love the tips of petals being slightly darker than the main body of.

And I do believe that’s all. Best of luck to those of you in the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics and/or the Ravelympics!


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