Awesome = Reorganization + Sock-Date;


I’ve been coding too much. Forgive the title.

I reorganized my yantry (a pantry I keep yarn and fiber in), and have a before and after pic to prove it.


Yarn and fiber willy nilly, my supplies shelves (the bottom one and floor) a total disaster strewn willy nilly, unable to put spindles on the top shelf for fear of them falling. Sorry about the yellow and blur–forgot to adjust camera settings.


Top shelf neatly organized with fiber on the left, and (in the section hidden by the door) a plastic bag full of all the stuff for Mroo’s dreads. My spindles and their projects fit comfortably between the two. No more fear of falling!

The shelf under that is for all yarn and projects that are above fingering/sock weight–DK, worsted, heavy worsted, and so forth. As you can see, I don’t have nearly so much of that. I do have four balls of Aunt Lydia’s crochet lace on that shelf, but it’s hidden by the door.

Beneath again is my shelf for sock yarn and lace. Much more of that. Also put sock yarn and lace projects not currently working on there. Sock is on the left, lace is on the right. That’s the shelf I want to seriously bust.

The penultimate shelf is neatly organized supplies. Circulars in the middle, my Denise needle kit standing up–it keeps the straights from sliding around. The left are finished swatches, projects, and the like. Also samples of dye and spun stuff.

On the floor, my yardstick, blocking mats, hand sewer, random bag, and some fiberfill.

Isn’t it pretty? I think so. Certainly easier to get at now!!

I did get pictures of a great deal of the yarn, so I’ll finally be getting up reviews of some sellers I’ve bought from.

The sock date portion will be short, because I’m tired of knitting the Bex socks (good thing they’re going on hold while Ravelympics is on) and not much to say you haven’t heard.

See pictures!

Barely enough yarn, as you can see. But enough. I’m debating using it to reinforce or saving it for holes.

I used the toe I’ve been working on. I’ve decided I need to round off the top by the big toe a bit, so will likely add some decreases there. And some other nitty picky things. But it fits snug enough to make me continue with it.

And for my ex’s sister’s daughter (who I promised a pair of socks at Thanksgiving, and who I have inspired to knit :3), I’m finally knitting some socks. Got them done in a few hours, delight. Used Twilight Knits’ glorious Cherry Bomb colour way, and with the little person’s foot, there was no pooling at all (except at toe decreases). I might add a ruffle. We’ll see how much time I have left when I get done before the lympics begin. I used a round toe from Cookie’s book, and I very much like it. I might use it instead of my hair-brained toe.

Why yes, Doyle is modeling the sock as best he can. He did a lot of modeling of yarn, so you’ll undoubtedly be seeing more of him.

And that’s all for tonight. Reviews soooooon, I promise.


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