A Hand-Carded Sock-Date


My Bex socks are coming along swimmingly. Almost almost done with the first, but I’m in no real hurry–Ravelympics is on the way, and as such I’m trying to keep my fingers busy in the meantime. It’d be great if I finished them before, but I just don’t see that happening.

Instead, this is a hand-carded sock-date.

I do believe I’ve mentioned the Romney fleece, and so now I’m going to talk about what I’m doing with a few ounces of it.

After talking on Ravelry with some other spindlers, I’ve started work on some hand made sock yarn. It’s worsted spun. The singles are so lightly twisted that they almost come undone, but then triple-plied with two others extremely tightly. I’ve made up a sample, and I think I could do to make the singles a mite bit thicker, but I really can’t complain.

The yarn, for how fluffy it looks in spots, actually doesn’t split at all, and is amazingly easy to knit with. I started with my Lantern Moon needles originally, but switched down a size to the pointer KnitPicks when I realized 2.25mm was giving me something too loose. I figured the pointy tips would prove that I had made a horrible yarn, and instead I just was pleasantly surprised. (It actually split less than KnitPicks yarn on KnitPicks needles!)

That’s on 2.00mm needles. I don’t mind working that size, and I’m getting 8st/inch, 12r/inch at that size with a decent thickness when knit.

I know what you’re thinking. “But Brooke,” you say, “isn’t that fleece a grey-brown? How come it looks so red-orange?”

I dyed it. I thought it would look nice, so I did a test dye of some stronger red orange on it. I was totally counting on the fact it would be darkened by the naturally dark colour of the wool. I’m really pleased with it, especially outside.

I knit it from my wrist, with the ‘skein’ looped over, like so:

It was very pleasant, and if I knew a large skein wouldn’t tangle up horribly, I think I’d enjoy knitting that way. Certainly makes those little wrist bags for balls make so much more sense to me now.

All told, it took about 4 hours from carding to dye for about 12 yards of finished product. So don’t expect me to have some of this stuff ready immediately, and I certainly think it puts selling it out.

All this just to avoid staring at code some more. Hup-to, back to work I says.


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