Hand Carding and Hand Spun :3


So last night and the wee hours of this morning (I woke up early do not criticise me!), I spent hand carding some of the Romney fleece and spinning it. I’m attempting to spin some sock yarn with it, so we’ll see how it goes.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t shared any of pictures of the other two things I’ve spun from hand-carded fleeces lately, so here we go! (Then I show off my Spinsanity spindle of Happy Ram).

First, a chain plied length of vicuna alpaca. I’ve decided I hate hand carding alpaca, and I might just try to spin straight from the fleece. Most the fibers I have are too short for hand carding.

The yarn sure is lovely though.

The other test card and spin I did–the very first actually–is this bit of border leicester (not blue-faced). I really like it, it’s super soft, and I might try and spin some socks from it as well. It’s almost uniformly really dark, with a few sunkissed tips here and there. It’s absolutely lovely.

I also have 4.5 lbs (half a sheep!) of Romney fleece. The sheep it came from seems really nice, and the fleece is awesome. I have not cleaned it (or the border, for that matter) to get out the lanolin grease. I think I rather like how spring and sweet it smells, as well as how it softens my hands while I spin. And adds enough catch so stuff doesn’t fly through. I like it, ok?

That picture makes me think it’s going ‘BLARGH I’MMA GET YOU’ but it’s not. I just wanted to get a picture of the gorgeous gold tips. While that picture and this next mostly show off a brown, the fleece ranges from that brown to the gold tips to an almost white on some tips to a really deep brown almost black in places. I think it’s amazing.

That’s a far more “peekaboo” picture, I think.

And now to meet Happy Ram.

I bought Happy Ram because I wanted to try a purely wooden spindle, but I didn’t want most the ones I was seeing that were either a. plain or b. bottom whorl. Nothing against bottom whorl, but I like fast and light since I enjoy spinning thin yarn. Anyway. The maker is Spinsanity, and they have some pretty stuff. (If your interested, you can see some of their other spindles here. I bought from these guys, and they’re very nice and very prompt. :3 )

The shaft is very long for what I’m used to, and it’s decorated with spiraling ram horns–you can’t see the top of them due to the spun stuff. That, by the way, is a few teeny grams of the Romney. Isn’t it luscious? The bottom of the shaft is smooth, so it doesn’t hurt my hand to wind on (I like to palm the bottom of the shaft to keep it in place as I wind). The very bottom of the whorl, again hidden, has the Spinsanity written on, and a few other details they would need.

Here’s a slightly more angled view. You can almost see Happy Ram. I’m saving that. It’s like an unveiling. A really cheesy slow still-frame movie. Don’t judge me. The whorl has a three inch diameter, unnotched. I prefer unnotched, but I did learn on that, so mayhap that is why. I have a weird thing going to keep the fiber from loosing its twist, but don’t miind that.


So now you know why I call him Happy Ram.

This spindle is bigger than all my others, both in length and diameter, but it spins exactly as long as I want, and it’s lighter than any of my others–except maybe my clay one from Jesh. It spins butter silk smooth, and I love it. Honestly, between Happy Ram and how light/smooth it spins, I think this is my new favourite spindle.

((I still love you pretty green clay spindle.


I'm contemplating taking a video and posting of how I worsted spin, as I can't seem to find many, and I think it's a good thing to know how to do on a drop spindle (especially if you are determined to spin socks).

And with that, I must prepare myself for class.


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