Due to the sheer number of socks I enjoy knitting and want to knit, I think the sock-date horrible pun that isn’t really a pun is here to stay. So here’s how my first iBex sock is going. (I know the pattern is Bex. I keep thinking it’s ibex though, so I have decided to call it iBex).

They are awesome. Or will be. So far the one is really cozy. I got the heel turned today, an ideal time to make an update!

As you can see, the yarn is doing some lovely gradation. I’m really really pleased with how it looks thus far.

The heel flap also came out really well, even though I hit 2″ by the time I finished off the end of the diamonds. I’m surprised I pulled it off–knitting the pattern in reverse really boggled my mind. I also tried out something someone suggested on Ravelry–for the WS, I used a needle one size smaller to balance it out, since my purl is so much looser than my knit. It was amazing! Is amazing! My rows are actually THE SAME SIZE. :3

The only thing I’m worried about is having enough yarn to finish off the foot. I figure that since there are fewer stitches + a stockinette sole that I should use less than the leg took, but I’m still all spazzy. Look at this!

That top one is how much is left! Here’s another comparison:

We’ll see how it goes. My foot isn’t that long, and I usually prefer to make it about an inch shorter than my foot length so it fits all snug. If I have enough leftovers, I’m hoping to reinforce the heel. Otherwise I’ll just use some other yarn I have, and hope it doesn’t show!


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