Foil ‘Steamer’


Oh lookie, non-knitting post.

I have a thing for cooking, but it’s been a while since I’ve taken pictures or experimented. The other night I decided to try out an idea to make my veggies and meat cook through at roughly the same time AND the veggies to be that perfect blend of crispy-soft I like. That crispy-soft that I can’t get without cooking the veggies for a good bit before adding the meat, which is a hassle.

Meet foil steamer 9000. Ok, so it’s not that fancy.

I covered the bottom of my pan with a sheet, placing the meat and veggie blend (pre-soaked) on it. I heated up the pan, covering it with another foil sheet, which I didn’t push down as hard so I could peek to see how it worked. I used a spoon to stir to make sure I didn’t rip the bottom foil, but I really didn’t need to stir. The steam cooked the meat and veggies at the same time, and delightfully the way I wanted. :3 The food tasted excellent!

And the best bit? My pan is utterly clean still!

I cook on medium heat, and did this for about 10 minutes with heat, then turned the heat off and kept the pan on the burner for another 2 minutes with the cover on. I’d say you might want to stir at least once or twice just to keep stuff from sticking, but otherwise it should be golden.


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