I fully admit I’ve been waiting to use that pun ever since I thought of it a few hours ago. It’s not even a real pun. I am not shamed!

Anyway, I thought to share some pictures of my current WIP, the Bex socks from Sock Innovation.

This is where it was yesterday:

Teeny thing, yes?

Now here is where it is:

It’s growing!

Some design notes: originally, I had started with 2.5 mm needles, because the recommended gauge is 8st/inch, and those got me that. However, the pattern (even with the cables) is primarily ribbed, and all those purl stitches means that it’s far too loose then (due to how I knit).

So I switched to 2.25mm. Snug as anything now. Check it:

And for those interested, here’s a close up of the stitch pattern:

The yarn I’m using is a 100% merino superwash sock yarn by Jojoland, called Meloday superwash. It’s pretty ok. I love how it feels–it’s so smooth and soft. It’s a plied yarn, and the plies vary between either blue or red. As such, the yarn very gently gradates between how blue or red it is. It’s called ‘purple’, but at no point does it really look purple. It’s a subtle enough colour thing that the twisted stitches and cables really make it pop.

In any case, I’ll update with more as I go along.


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