Elegant Arm Warmers…


…because cably arm warmers doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

For years I really wanted a pair of Knit Wiki’s Lacy Gloves, but either my own silliness or the pattern’s inherent faults would keep me from being able to get even one done properly. With a ball of Noro sitting around that wasn’t going to be used on socks, however, I decided that maybe I could make some gloves. Silk is, after all, quite warm.

Thus were born my elegant arm warmers.

Knowing the single-ply, slubby nature of the Silk Garden Sock would make for poor lace, I charted the lace panel from the original gloves, and then turned it into a traveling stitch/cable panel. Actually charting the original gloves out illuminated all the reasons why I’d had difficulties with the original, but in any case, that’s a story for a different time.

The left glove mirrors the right glove, though you’d have to have more than a passing glance to notice. It wasn’t very difficult to do, but when I write the pattern I’ll be sure to chart each side so people don’t hurt their brains like I was at first.

You’re probably noticing the focus on my left hand glove. This is for two reasons: 1. I’m right handed, and so had to hold the camera with that hand to be able to photograph 2. it has the finalized design choices that will appear in the pattern.

I think the colours came out wonderfully for the pattern, without detracting too much from the cablework. Should I be calling that cable work? It seems like it isn’t quite cable work, though there are cables involved. Eh, semantics. As it is, the left glove has a bit more variety than the right.

I do have a bit of yarn left, perhaps enough for at least one more glove. I’m tempted to go for it and see if I can’t have a right glove that not only has the same design choices, but also has a bit more colour to it than just blue and white. There’s an excellent shade of green just a bit deeper with the skein after all.

The thumbs of both warmers were knit with the 4″ Knit Picks needles I have, right as I got to the point where you would normally put the thumb on hold. I much preferred getting the thumb done right then and there.

That’s all my pictures I’ve got left. As for keeping the cold out, they do an excellent job–I was somewhat surprised. I can turn them into a sort of disjointed muff since the yarn is stretchy enough to allow me to slip one hand’s fingers into the other hand’s warmer, and I’ve never had any gloves that were warmer.

I have to give a great deal of thanks to PogKnits for her mitten tutorial, as much of the information I got for basic glove/mitten construction came from her. I surely would have ruined my thumb placement otherwise!

There will be a free pattern written up, but it may be a few days. Fridays are my day with the most freedom, and so that’s when I’ll have the time to work on putting the pattern and chart together.

Happy snow days!


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