Knitting Bounty


While I never seem to be able to get quite so much as the other knitters whose blogs I follow (I am just a poor college student), I have found myself with a dearth of things knitting things. I won’t be able to put pictures up of one of the yarns, as they’re going into the ‘surprise’ socks for a friend (she knows she’s getting socks, just not what colour or design), but I should be able to take pictures of the other batch of yarn I got.

The arm warmers I’m making for myself with the Noro yarn are coming along swimmingly, and the first one is now done. Pictures plus a pattern will be forth coming once I get the second one finished up.

I took advantage of the KnitPicks book sale, and I’m really quite pleased with a book that seems to have very little mentioned about it in the wider world. I’ll probably try to do an in-depth review of it, after checking around online to see if there are any errata I should know about.

I also got myself the set of 6″ dpns from Knit Picks, as I’ve usually enjoyed their Harmony needles, and I like to have other sizes on hand. They’ll likely end up getting a review at some point. Today marked the first time I had a reason to use my 4″ set.

Otherwise, it’s just business as usual.


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