My Old Foe Defeated–Slither Armwarmers


At long long last, I never have to do colourwork again if I so choose.

You might be wondering where on earth these things came from. I haven’t mentioned them on the blog since I got one cuff finished, which was months ago. This is primarily because I didn’t want to list my failures over and over. I’d been at them for nearly half a year now, looking back, and that’s just sickening for something I expected to take maybe a month.

I had to rip back and reknit more times than I want to remember. I hate these arm warmers, but at long long last they are done. I never have to look at a nonchart based knit design again, praise ye gods.

Here are pictures. They don’t quite fit me, since they aren’t for me, but I figured at least one photo of them being worn was warranted.

I must admit, now that they are finally done and I’ll be trying to mail them tomorrow before the post office closes, I am immensely proud of my achievement. It’s been one of the single hardest knits I’ve ever done–not just time consuming. This is probably because I hate colourwork, but all the same, it feels like I really have conquered some beast and can by all rights never do colourwork again. I am entirely sure I hate intarsia, and so that path is done.

If, however, you like the pattern, and wish to take your own stab at it, the pattern is located here. I wish you far more luck and speed than I had.


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