Review–Lantern Moon Ebony Doublepoint Needles


Oh my, what a long, self-explanatory title.

I’ve never written a needle review, but with how many different types I’ve used over the years, I think it’s about time I wrote one about some of the more expensive needles I’ve purchased, and work my way to commenting on other needles I have.

So first, a picture of the needles with some work on them, nicely displayed for your viewing pleasure:

As the title mentioned, these are for Lantern Moon’s ebony wood double pointed needles. They also use blondewood and rosewood, which are both less dense and sturdy than ebony. Since I got my needles in the dainty size of US1 (2.25 mm diameter) and sometimes I grip them a bit hard, I went ahead and got the ebony ones. Besides, I also have a personal preference for ebony.

First, I must be entirely up front with my biases: I prefer wood to most any other material for needles, but I detest how smaller sizes feel like they might snap in half on occasion. Double pointed are my preferred method for socks, while I’d rather use circular the rest of the time. That doesn’t affect this review so much, but some future reviews it may play in.

The look and feel of my ebony needles is something that my bamboo double pointed will simply never live up to, and certainly not the one set of super slick aluminum dpns I’ve got. They don’t feel rough at all, and unlike bamboo, they don’t feel too light for what I’m holding. Bamboo needles tend to feel like they’ll snap in half at a mere breath to me, and the smaller sizes are also a bit more flexible than I’m comfortable with. These have just a little flex, but not so much I worry they’ll snap in two all the time. The wood holds the yarn on it quite well, be it plant or wool, but it doesn’t ever catch or cling–another fantastic thing I love about them.

Being able to get wooden needles in the small sizes you need for sock knitting is hard. As such, I more than think these are worth the price–especially if you are as much a fan of wooden needles as I. However, because they are wooden, they won’t ever feel as sturdy as their steel/aluminum counterparts. And yes, it can be amazingly easy to break them. Over the holidays, I ended up accidentally breaking two of my set, much to my displeasure. One was blatantly my fault, but the other was the tip couldn’t stand the stress of being used. This is a natural part of using wood–grain won’t always be perfect.

The good news is, Lantern Moon has a policy of replacing broken needles, no matter what. Accidents happen, and sometimes that set you bought just had a bad needle. It’s an amazingly generous policy, and their response to such is quick. Having dealt with the service myself, I found there to be no problems with it, and the customer service was polite. Having not seen my email saying that I got my needles, they even checked up to make sure I had received them. I mention their policy because it isn’t stated explicitly on their site anywhere I could find.

With my replacement needles, I’ve had no problems. They’re just as silky smooth as the rest, and just as well made. These are, without a doubt, a treat for the knitter who loves wooden needles.


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