Baudelaire Socks


Way long ago, I mentioned finishing these, but I never did manage to get some photos up. I forgot them when I went on my vacation. With the three-day weekend and having nothing to do, I broke out the camera and took some photos. It was knit in the discontinued Knit Picks Stroll colourway Glacial, my favourite of all the colours. I wanted some special socks for the colour as such.

(Yes, I took those pictures outside in the snow and the cold. I was wearing my pjs, but I was also sitting in the door to my apartment. The bright sunny day meant that it wasn’t so hard to take pictures with my shivers in the cold, and I wasn’t outside but for a few minutes.)

I’m not entirely sure what Cat calls this cuff, but I did it toe up. You basically just knit flat when you do it, so it wasn’t very hard. I used linen stitch, and I’ve been calling it a “Robin Hood” cuff due to the shape. Not a great picture, but there is one below of the sock with this cuff.

My other cuff is just a standard 1×1 rib that was recommended by the pattern.

Instead of a plain heel flap, I used my favourite eye of patridge pattern.

This is just a clearer and closer picture of the main pattern on the sock.

For those interested, the pattern is available free on Knitty at this link.


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