Thoughts on Resolutions


I’ve never been a huge fan of making resolutions for a new year–it just seems like a waste of time. I can never think of a good goal beforehand, and I don’t want to give myself something I know I’m not vested in.

But, halfway through January, I finally thought of a handful of knitting ones that I wouldn’t mind listing out to see if I get them done by next year.

1. Publish a few more designs. Even if it’s just a combination of here and ravelry, I enjoyed writing up the instructions for the socks, and I equally enjoy the design process.

2. Get at least 15 projects finished this year. I was really quite jealous of all the knitters who could post collages of what they had done during 2009. I’d really like to be able to have one that isn’t too shabby myself. Fifteen doesn’t seem unreasonable–already this year I’ve finished a pair of socks, a hat, some armwarmers that need to be mailed…. And I know there are some other things that I’ll need to finish. 15 seems both reasonable without being push-over easy.

3. Blog more. I don’t really blog that often at the moment (though over the break I have). I don’t see why. Even if it’s just pictures of what I’ve got cast on, or random musings, it would be better than nothing. I’ve got books I haven’t given a proper review of, needles I should, a fantastic dyer I should review, and so on.

I don’t know if I’ve really got anything else I particularly want to strive for.

At the moment, my Cauchy socks from Sock Innovation are coming along well. Just over halfway done with the first, leaving just the second. I’ll get some pictures up and talk a bit more about the design changes I made once I’ve got my camera again. For now, I’m just lazing away the evening, waiting to get on a plane.


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