Another Broken Needle


Over Thanksgiving this year, I had the great fortune to visit my first LYS and buy a lovely set of US 1 ebony Lantern Moon double pointed needles. I love the things, but bad things happened and now I’m debating saving the money for a set of Signatures just so my needles stop breaking.

The only pair of socks I’ve finished with them were my mother’s for Christmas. In the middle of working a ssk on a set I’m doing for myself, the tip broke clean off one of them. I am, needless to say, very upset about this. I’m also too broke to afford a new set of needles, and the only other set of US1s I have also have a broken needle (and their in Des Moines).

I’ve emailed Lantern Moon to see if they still replace needles, but I’m not overly hopeful. Besides, with this being Christmas weekend, I don’t see them getting back to me before Monday either. I can scrap along with these for a bit, I think, but damned if I don’t know if I even want another set of Lantern Moons now. I can’t stand needles breaking all the time.

EDIT: Despite it being Christmas Eve, Lantern Moon got back to me today, and they do still replace needles! I’m very excited, and especially happy with the customer service. Hoorah! My new needle will be on the way Monday. :3


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