Christmas Knitting and (mostly) Sock Yarns


Hello all! Hopefully everyone has found the new blog alright. Remember to update your links, as in a few more days, the old blog is going to be permanently deleted.

I’ve managed the trip back for the holidays, and I brought as much yarn as I could for the ride. I have two new books–Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters book 1 and Cookie’s Sock Innovation–and enough yarn to last me ages. I’m looking forward to playing with all the various architectures and design ideas, though again I’m reminded that my size 9 foot is huge in the size 7 and 8 knitting world. Do so many women really have such small feet?

I’m almost done with my mother’s socks, which I’ve designed myself. I didn’t bother taking a lot of really good pictures in this case, because the second is far more standardized. The first was a knit as I went try. I used the Riverbed architecture for it, which I think looks pretty nice. When I get it finished, I plan on putting the pattern together and offering it free–I’ll try and modify it for feet smaller than US 10. It uses a slightly modified dual lily of the valley pattern, with a cable panel between and two cables running up after the heel turn.

Yes, it’s on my foot. It’s just a bit too big, so it doesn’t stretch out entirely. The heel flap is my new favourite Eye of Patridge pattern.

The yarn I’m knitting it with is Premier Yarns Serenity sock weight, a 50% superwash, 25% nylon, and 25% bamboo sock yarn. The colourway is Amethyst, fitting since it’s her birthstone. It’s quite pretty and soft, and it has some really good stretch on it. Even though I got two balls, I still have a lot leftover because she doesn’t like socks with high cuffs.

This brings me to all the other sock yarns I plan on working with at some point this Christmas. The boyfriend wants a pair of Cauchy socks knit in KnitPicks Stroll (colour is Pine). Cauchy is a pretty elegant pattern in Sock Innovation, and I’m looking forward to sizing it up for his huge feet.

While I have no idea what this yarn wants to be, I’m pretty sure that the other batch of KnitPicks Stroll I brought back wants to be a set of socks. I brought it home with me because I’ve been feeling compelled to try something out with it for a while now, and what better time than when I have time? The colour for this yarn is Ash, and is a lot more sheen gray than shows up in the admittedly bad photo.

I also have some really pretty Melody superwash in Purple. The gauge is smaller on size 1s than I’m used to (usually I get about 8st/inch, and it’s giving me 9), but that doesn’t make it any less pretty. It’s 100% wool, and I plan on using it to make the Ibex socks from Sock Innovation–I’m pretty sure the twisted stitches and cables in that pattern will really help make the yarn pop. You probably will notice that it’s not really purple–it’s a four ply with two strands of blue and two of red alternately dyed, and I think it looks great.

Over Thanksgiving I got the Melody at the same time as I got my first ever skein of Noro–boy am I looking forward to working with the Noro. It’s Silk Garden Sock in blues/purples/greens. I tried to get a close up shot so you could see more of the colours in it. I’m hoping to design a spiraling lace/cable panel to go from cuff down to the center of the instep with it–not super fancy, but a bit to do while knitting and showing off how it stripes.

While I have used one skein of it already, my Gaia’s Colour hand dyed in The Green Man. I need to get pictures of the boyfriend’s socks I used the first skein on, but in the meantime, check out how lovely it looks in the center pull ball.

And, FINALLY, I’m going to get around to using Twilight Knits squishy sock yarn. It’s not got a real colourway name, but it’s various shades of purples and pinks. I may make a scarf with it, but I wouldn’t mind a pair of socks either. I think it would work well for a design sitting in my head based around an Aesthetic period Oscar Wilde.

And, for the non sock yarn that I get to work with, there’s the Madelintosh Tosh merino yarn in Brother’s Grimm. A friend wants a hat, and so I told him if he got me the yarn I’d knit it. He picked the yarn well (I sent him various sites with varying prices), and it’ll be a quick knit n ship after I finish the mom’s socks and Mroo’s warmers (at last!). While the setting sun shows off what a delicious brown it is, under normal light it’s somewhere between super dark chocolate and black.

And I do believe that’s everything. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and has a good one!


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